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Dragon Serum and Orange Mask Bundle

Dragon Serum and Orange Mask Bundle

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Radiant Skin Duo: Dragon Blood Serum & Orange Mask

Elevate your skincare with our powerful pairing, meticulously designed for radiance.

Dragon Blood Serum: Nature's Elixir for Skin

  • Unique Tree sap extract formulation for skin vitality
  • Abundant in antioxidants and collagen-repairing elements
  • Naturally repairs skin cells, revealing a radiant glow and firmness

Orange Facial Sheet Mask: Illuminate and Revive

  • Awaken your skin's radiance with Orange Fruit Extract
  • Improves overall skin appearance, delivering a luminous complexion
  • Ideal for indoor, outdoor, work, or travel use
  • Instant sheet masks for effortless application and disposal

Experience the harmony of nature's gifts for a revitalized and glowing complexion.

Bundle Contains:

1. Dragon Blood Serum

2. Orange Facial Mask x 1


Dragon Serum Usage:
Use Dragon Serum in the mornings, 2-3 drops and massage gently on face, neck, hands.

Orange Mask Usage:
1. Wash and dry face before applying the mask.
2. Apply the mask and leave for 15-20 minutes.
3. After removing the mask, massage the remaining essence until absorbed.
4. Use twice a week for best results.

Quantity / Size

30 ml / 1 fl.oz. (per bottle)
25 ml / 0.84 fl.oz. (per mask)


Made with 100% Natural Plant and Fruit extracts.

Dragon Serum Ingredients:

- Solanum Draco Extract
- Rosehip Oil
- Green Tea Extract
- Centella Asiatica Extract
- Chrysanthemum Pulsatilla Extract
- Alfalfa Root Extract
- Geranium Vetiver Extract
- Licorice Extract
- Water
- Sodium Hyaluronate
- Glycerin
- Disodium Oxalate
- Beta-Glucan
- Astaxanthin
- Ascorbic Acid
- Arginine

Orange Mask Ingredients:

1. Orange Fruit Extract
2. Propylene Glycol
3. Glycerine
4. Cladosiphon Okamuranus Extract
5. Lemon Extract
6. Hydroxyethyl Cellulose
7. Sugar Beetalkali
8. Serine
9. Taurine
10. Sodium Hyaluronate
11. Aloe Extract
12. Allantoin
13. Disodium EDTA
14. PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castorsesame Oil
15. Bis Imidazolidazolidinyl Urea
16. Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamteeater
17. Methyl Isothiazolinone


Keep away from any Heat source.

1. For external use only.
2. Avoid direct contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse well with water.
3. Keep out of reach of children.

Shipping / Delivery

Delivery in 2-3 working days.

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