Over The Counter Retinol: Learn How Over The Counter Retinol Can Improve Problem Skin

Over The Counter Retinol: Learn How Over The Counter Retinol Can Improve Problem Skin

Retinol is an anti-aging powerhouse for skin. We've put together five fantastic problem-solving product couples including over the counter retinol to tackle the skin concerns you worry about most.

Problem: Post-breakout red marks and uneven skin texture

Solution: Vitamin C and over the counter retinol

This combination of superstar ingredients speeds up the healing time for post-acne red marks, while simultaneously smoothing skin's texture and refining pores. Both products also contain soothing agents to calm redness while their potent formulas go to work.

Problem: Dull, dry, overly sensitive skin

Solution: An ultra-rich moisturizer and over the counter retinol

Whether you're struggling with seasonal dryness or a persistently dry, dull-looking complexion, you can transform your skin with this intensely moisturizing pair. In addition, this product couple's blend of anti-inflammatory agents helps ensure that even sensitive skin can handle the retinol formula.

Problem: Dark spots and uneven skin tone

Solution: A skin brightening treatment and over the counter retinol

Dark spots are often stubborn to treat, but for many people skin-lightening ingredients and retinol is a winning combination. When you combine the ingredients of a skin brightening treatment with retinol, you are turbocharging its ability to fade discolorations. This combination adds radiance as it works to even out your skin tone. Don't forget to apply daily broad-spectrum sun protection. This is the key to keeping more dark spots at bay!

Problem: Crow's-feet and deep wrinkles around the eyes

Solution: An anti-aging eye cream and over the counter retinol

What do you get when you combine an ultra-rich eye cream with the power of retinol? A truly dynamic duo that goes to the next level to combat wrinkles and other signs of aging, including dryness, sun damage, and loss of firmness. This product couple's mix of ingredients should include proven emollients and skin-repairing substances as well several potent antioxidants to improve skin texture while noticeably reducing wrinkles and inflammation. Plus, this combination will keep the eye area moisturized all day and night.

Problem: Warding off advanced signs of aging

Solution: Antioxidants and over the counter retinol

If you don't have a specific skin concern, but simply want to stop the overall signs of aging in their tracks, load your skin up with antioxidants and an over the counter retinol.

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