Look and Feel Younger With Retinol, The Proven Anti-Aging Serum Miracle

Look and Feel Younger With Retinol, The Proven Anti-Aging Serum Miracle

With the many new beauty products promising youthful skin today, retinol can seem almost like the grandmother of them all. It was discovered in 1971, and since then countless studies have tested its effectiveness in smoothing out wrinkles and revealing a more luminous tone. To the surprise of the most cynical experts, these studies have shown that not only is retinol consistently effective for healing aging skin, it is also highly recommended for treating other skin problems as well, including acne, lesions, large pores and discoloration.

Today, retinol is still indisputably one of the most powerful ingredients for improving skin texture, and bringing back the tighter, more supple, and more glowing look that you enjoyed in your younger years. Despite the emergence of snazzier, more sophisticated beauty solutions, nothing can claim the crown for being the "miracle cure" - a title that only retinol has consistently held through the years, with strong clinical data to back it up.

With the help of new studies and information, leading health and beauty brand Cleopatra Beauty Care is now reintroducing retinol, this time combined with ferulic acid and coconut oil (two similarly powerful and proven skin care ingredients) through its Anti-Aging Serum Miracle. The fast-acting serum fights tell-tale signs of aging by launching the following skin-saving strategies:

Smoothing action is targeted to erase fine lines and wrinkles. Ferulic acid fights off free radicals and environmental damage, two of the top causes of skin damage and premature aging. By pumping your skin with this powerful anti-oxidant, you can help it build strength and avoid skin problems from happening.

Strips away damaged skin to reveal a lighter, more luminous complexion. Vitamin A from retinol creates collagen, which triggers skin clarity and elasticity. The result: younger skin, a youthful glow, a flawless complexion and a confidence that disregards the years in the calendar.

Provides top-notch moisturizing. Ferulic acid and retinol can sometimes cause dryness, but the added virgin coconut oil can readily prevent it before it even happens. Health authorities have confirmed the power of virgin coconut oil to moisturize, heal and disinfect skin more than any other product in the market.

Deep-action acne-fighting solution. Acne can be a problem regardless of age - whether you're in your teens or in your senior years, zits can appear, often during the most inconvenient timing (a date tomorrow, a party tonight or an interview in a few!). You need to deal with it quickly before they occupy your entire face. The cleaning and healing properties of the ingredients found in the Anti-Aging Serum Miracle will work together to prevent breakouts and keep your skin blemish-free.

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